Central Mining Company Limited

Exploring together

According approved Geological Program on 2013 - 2014: placer gold

Two separated areas on the north-east of north Province Sierra-Leone Koinadugu studied for gold. From the very beginning planned following stages geological reconnaissance:

          - Workings (wells, pits)

          - Geochemical research on dispersion trains

          - Drilling wells

          - Broad geochemical sampling

          - Geophysics

          - Сameral and laboratory studies

Conducted such works as (total field work 5 months):

          - Geomorphological routes (paths), scale 100:000

          (step - 100 meters)

          - Geophysical studies

          - Broad geochemical soil sampling

          - Cameral and laboratory studies

Geomorphological routes, geophysics and scale sampling, including the concentrate-geochemical prospecting of leakage fluxes, geochemical prospecting of primary/secondary dispersion halos were planned as comprehensive study for better understanding areas’ geochemical characteristics and further mapping drill lines.

All works specified above were conducted on “Ganya” Project.