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Geochemical Soil Sampling “GANYA”

“Ganya” area was covered by geochemical lines - according scale 1:100.1000 Distance between lines - 1000 meters, distance between samples - 100 meters). Total time: 5 months - 2.5 each year while dry season. Geochemical soil sampling was carried out along the routs: typical sample - weight 200 gr. from 70 cm. deep. Collected 2500 geochemical samples, which were prepared in field laboratory for analysis in stationary laboratory “ACTLAB”. Result of geochemical sampling two field seasons in 2013 and 2014 - were mapped initial zones - multiplicative anomalies which have evidences of gold mineralization


40 sq.km.
includes district riv. Koka and inflows (first and second levels). Gold occurrence in granitiods, weathering crusts, alluvial sediments and leakage fluxes


60 sq.km.
sub-meridional spread zone cross area from North to South. Marked multiplicative endogenous halos granite crushing zones, weathering crusts and alluvial-delluvial deposits - secondary dispersion halos

№ 3 EAST

35 sq.km.
ore occurrence of gold indicated in dispersion halos and eluvium